Weber Master Touch compared to the Master Touch premium!

Weber is one, if not the most popular and qualitative brand that produces high-quality grills and other cooking devices. The Weber Master Touch is their most prominent product, instantly recognized by all keen BBQ enthusiasts.

This article will thoroughly review the Weber Master Touch 22-inch charcoal grill. It will also compare to the Premium version that Weber has recently produced and taken to the market.

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Weber Master-Touch Review

Master-Touch charcoal grills from the legendary American brand Weber are a perfect example of the ideal combination of innovation, thoughtful design, and tradition of outdoor cooking. The main feature of this grill is its ease of use.

The grill has a chrome-plated steel grate with a removable central module. This main module allows for some additional accessories. With this grill, you can use a pizza stone, a Korean wok, and a chicken roaster.

This Grill is engineered perfectly. The lightweight and durable construction of the grill permits you to use it in all weather conditions, and the heat-resistant lid damper handle will protect your hands from burns. In addition, for free cooking, the grill design is equipped with a removable lid holder, which is very convenient.

One-Touch cleaning system. The weber master touch charcoal grill is equipped with a convenient ash collector and a simple and practical stainless steel One-Touch cleaning system. These details make the cooking process as safe as possible. Plus, your hands and clothes will stay clean.

In addition to all of the above, the grill has received a new thermometer design, wheels, and a large triangular base that has improved stability and can now serve as an excellent shelf for accessories at the bottom. Also, pay attention to the color of the presented model: non-standard grey or, as its users called it, “charcoal” color will emphasize the individuality of its owner.

It is worth noting that Master Touch from the Weber brand is an indispensable and practical attribute of a traditional BBQ that can surprise friends and relatives and deliver unforgettable emotions from grilling to its owner.

What is Weber Master Touch?

Weber master-touch 22-inch charcoal grill is the ultimate charcoal BBQ for those who want to develop their culinary skills at the highest level possible. Thanks to the unique design and a whole arsenal of special tools and accessories, this model permits you to take your culinary skills to a new level. Reliability, practicality, and extended functionality have made this model one of the most popular among BBQ enthusiasts.

Key characteristics of Weber master touch 22 inch charcoal grill

· Gourmet BBQ System is a magnificent grill consisting of 2 parts.

· Wok and Sear Grate for steaks and oriental dishes.

The abundance of appliances and attachments readily available for this grill permits you to cook classic barbecue dishes and surprise guests with unusual recipes.

If you are planning to expand your culinary possibilities, and love the cuisines of different nations, then the Weber Master-Touch model is one of the best options. Many removable attachments and nozzles permit you to take on the most complex recipes. For this grill, you can purchase special holders for large pieces of meat and poultry, special grills for cooking fish or vegetables, etc.

Grill care will be significantly facilitated by other Weber products available: special cleaning brushes, aprons, liquids, and other ignition products, covers, and much more. By choosing Weber products, you rely on reliability and durability. Grills by Weber are a profitable investment in developing your culinary skills and the opportunity to feed loved ones and guests with unique dishes with excellent taste.


Manufacturer: Weber

Model: Master-Touch

Type: charcoal grill

Country of origin: USA

Guarantee: 10 years for kettle and lid, 5 years for handles and One-Touch cleaning system, 2 years for grates and other components

Estimated service life:>10 years

Diameter of the main grilling surface: 57 cm

Height with lid open: 107 cm

Width: 60 cm

Depth: 71 cm

Weight: 19 kg

Color: black (smoky and red limited edition available)

Boiler and lid coating: heat-resistant enamel

Lid handle material: fiberglass reinforced nylon

Wheels: 2 pcs.

Accessories and options: grate with removable central unit, Char-Basket charcoal separator trays, One-Touch ash removal system, thermometer built into the lid, removable ash bowl, holder bracket, measuring container for charcoal briquettes


· It is probably the best grill for the money

· Can be used to cook a lot of different dishes, not only meat or fish

· Is easy to use and maintain

· The quality is at the highest level possible, durable steel and other materials


· Needs to be assembled.

What is the difference between Weber Master Touch and Premium?

The Premium Master Touch was previously only available on the Weber website, but now it is readily available from most stores. There are a couple of design differences between the grills. However, the two main reasons that change their functionality are the lid abilities and the smoking accessories; these are the features I want to talk about as they are the most iconic.

Lid Abilities

The construction of the lid is very different for Weber Master-Touch Premium when you compare it to the Classic version. The classic Master-Touch is built differently and has a Tuck-Away lid on the product’s side. At the same time, the Premium version uses a stainless-steel spring that lifts and holds the lid in one place, making it much more comfortable to use the grill.

Both systems are acceptable. It’s just the fact that the Premium has a removable hinged lid. This is also the premiums downfall, as it requires a modification for the top to sit flush on the BBQ; see here.

Smoking Functionality

The Premium model also comes with an ultimate smoking ring and a heat diffuser, making slow cooking an art. Low and Slow meat won’t be a problem now, that is for sure. The classic Weber grill also allows you to cook low and slow. However, it takes much more knowledge of the different smoking methods, whereas the Premium model makes it much more straightforward.

With proper knowledge and experience, you can set the Premium grill in a way that it will slowly cook your pieces of meat for 12-14 hours straight without interfering. Isn’t that amazing?

Conclusion on Weber Master Touch vs Premium

Both grills are tremendous and will amaze you with their wide range of grilling abilities. However, the Premium version has many more features than the Classic one. But you can take nothing away from the timeless classic of the original Weber Master Touch.

I own the master touch premium, and in my opinion, it is much improved on the original master touch, which I have also owned. The bonus does come with the added price tag, so it is not in everyone’s budget. The classic version is my recommendation to anyone just getting into BBQs.

In the end, you decide, whether you choose the Premium or the Classic version, they are both great and will improve your BBQ skills.