The best Weber grill tongs every BBQ chef should own

Picture this you’ve got the grill over-crowded, smoke is billowing from the BBQ, hot fat is spitting everywhere. Been there?

Well, a set of extra-long weber grill tongs will make your life a lot easier, you won’t need to stand so close to the grill to pull items from it means you get a face full smoke.

Secondly, you aren’t going to burn yourself trying to flip some burgers as you also don’t need your hands or arms hovering over the heat from the charcoal.

There are lots of really great extra long grill tongs on the market but take a look at the set of weber grill tongs below and see for yourself why these are the best on the market.

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Weber 6768 Precision Grill Tongs

Weber grill tong features

Weber 6768 Precision grill tongs are 18 inches in length and although they don’t necessarily qualify as the longest handled grill tongs they are long enough to serve all the purposes mentioned in the intro.

They have a simple to operate locking mechanism meaning you can hang the tongs over the BBQ while your grilling and won’t forget where you put them. There is a hanging loop as well.

These extra-long grill tongs open enough to grab the largest of meats with ease but also can grip the thinnest meats like slices of bacon from a hot grill. All while being extremely comfortable to hold with a soft-grip handle.

The inside of both tongs has a serrated edge meaning it’s quite difficult to drop food when gripping it with these grill tongs. For example, sausages are probably one of the trickier foods to grip but with these it’s easy.

Constructed of stainless steel these tongs are built to last a lifetime, they are extremely tough and durable, they won’t break if you accidentally drop them. Even if they did break as per Weber’s outstanding service they come with a 2 year warranty.

They are dishwasher safe which means they are extremely easy to clean and maintain.

What I like most

These are in all honesty the Rolls Royce of BBQ tongs so everything is to love but dishwasher safe is the biggest bonus. I can’t stand the cleaning up after a grill session so anything that can go in the dishwasher to clean helps massively.

What I didn’t like

I mean these are extra long grill tongs but they could do with being another inch or two in length especially if you own a very large BBQ.

What are the benefits of extra long handles?

I mentioned them in my introduction and it doesn’t take much knowledge of grilling to know, the further your hands are away from a hot surface, then there’s less of a chance you’ll get burnt. Which is the main benefit.

I personally find the extra-long handles much easier to use picking food up off the grill than the stubby handled grill tongs.

These grill tongs are also great for picking up hot charcoal if you need to have a move around on the charcoal grate when BBQing but I do recommend wearing gloves as added protection when doing this.

Why are these best weber grill tongs?

Weber does a few different length tongs but these hit the sweet spot. If like me you’re grilling on a 22inch Kettle BBQ these are a marriage made in heaven and make them the best weber grill tongs available in my opinion.


I don’t remember burning my hands when using these BBQ tongs and it does happen quite a lot when getting your hands too close to the grill. Hopefully, with this guide on these specific grill tongs, you will understand why these are the best.