The 3 Best BBQ Digital Meat Thermometers on the Market

For Juicy and succulent food, a BBQ digital meat thermometer is integral to be present in a griller’s armory. It replaces the guesswork of reaching the perfect level of taste. If you want thoroughly cooked, moist and tender food, you will need a BBQ digital thermometer to check if it is thoroughly cooked and to know if it is safe to eat.

The thickest part of any meat is always problematic so a BBQ digital meat thermometer can help you to get the most precise reading even from the thickest part of the meat.

Before choosing a perfect thermometer for your grilling sessions, you need to know which thermometer will be most suitable for you or if a digital thermometer to suited to your style of grilling on a BBQ.
Digital versions can perform well giving you freedom from time-temperature stress. I’ve put together this article which mentions the top-rated BBQ digital thermometers to help you choose the best for you.

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In a rush here are my favourites

MEATER Plus – Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth CHECK PRICE
Inkbird WiFi Grill Meat Thermometer IBBQ-4TCHECK PRICE
ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat ThermometerCHECK PRICE

MEATER Plus – Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth

MEATER Plus Features

• Dimensions: Length is 6.2 inches, Width is 1.5 inches and height is 1.1 inches
• Contains a battery as a power source
• Wireless and Compatible with Bluetooth
• Response time is approximately 4 seconds
• Only one battery is required
• The lower temperature rating is approximately 212 Fahrenheit
• The upper-temperature rating is 10 degrees Celsius
• Contains an LED indicator to display battery level
• Can be used with a Wi-Fi connection

Meater Plus Details

This BBQ digital thermometer manufactured by Meater is perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor cooking. It can work over the range of 165 feet completely wireless. You can monitor it by using an app available on IOS and android smartphones.
It comes with one probe and two sensors. These sensors have the capability to measure external ambient temperature and internal temperature altogether. The internal temperature of the meat can be measured to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and the external temperature can be measured to 527 degrees Fahrenheit without any error.

This amazing product is completely designed to be your best cooking partner. With this BBQ digital thermometer, you have the option to set up manual alarms according to the suitable time and temperature. Its complete cooking guide will help you in every phase of the cooking system.

The digital thermometer has an innovative estimator system that helps you to estimate the required cooking timing and temperature depending on what you are grilling or smoking. You can also manage your cooking time and temperature via Bluetooth on your phone and tablets.

The cooking can also be monitored from the computer using the Meater cloud and Meater wifi link of the BBQ digital monitor.

Your digital cooking partner comes with a perfectly designed heat-resistant glove. It is built with high-standard silicon. This glove is designed with dual layers to provide you protection from the temperature ranging between -104 degrees Fahrenheit and 446 degrees Fahrenheit. Its non-slipping design comes with a warranty.

The probe is specially designed in stainless steel which offers complete resistance against water and can be cleaned easily. Its Bluetooth has a strong ability to keep you updated about your cooking at a distance of 165 feet.

The probe is rechargeable and this might be the best thing I like the most about it, it can be used for twenty-four hours continuously. Its LED light indicator will keep you updated about the charging status of the BBQ digital meat thermometer.

Now, you do not need to worry about your food because this BBQ digital thermometer built with smart technology is smart enough to help you cook your food without any distance problem. Connect your wireless thermometer with your WI-FI and relax till your food is ready.
Your new cooking partner will send you alerts when it is ready.

What we liked most about the Meater

The rechargeable probe lasts for 24 hours, which comes in handy for one of those extremely long brisket smoking sessions.

Another great feature that I love is the wireless capability of this, you can happily wander off to the kitchen to get another beer from the fridge and it’ll still be connected.

What we disliked

The Bluetooth can be a little tricky to connect sometimes but once it’s connected correctly it’s quite stable. The only other downside to this is the price, it is a lit costly.

Inkbird WiFi Grill Meat Thermometer IBBQ-4T

Inkbird specifications

• It has a resolution of 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Can be controlled with android and IOS smartphones.
• Can be connected with Bluetooth and WI-FI also.
• Its temperature range varies from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to +482 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Designed with high or low-temperature alarms.
• Its rechargeable battery can work all day, once it is completely charged.

Inkbird details

Inkbird BBQ digital thermometer can be used easily by connecting it to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth simultaneously. All you need to do is to turn on your android smartphone’s GPS location before connecting it to this wireless digital thermometer.
Its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth system has a wide range of temperatures that starts from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to +482 degree Fahrenheit with -12.6 degree Fahrenheit to +12.6 degree Fahrenheit standardization.

This digital meat thermometer offers eleven pre-set menus to assist you. You can also change the menu according to your preferences. The thermometer will alarm after the temperature exceeds the preferred temperature or the time ends.

The facility of downloading the graph and checking your cooking through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will help you to manage your grilling without standing at your BBQ for a long time. In this way, you can cook delicious food when you are busy around the house or yard.

Its rechargeable battery can help you throughout the day once it is completely charged. Inkbird Bluetooth meat thermometer can support both temperature units, Celsius and Fahrenheit. It has a magnet that makes its usage more convenient, the magnet can hold it in place on the surface of various home appliances like refrigerators and ovens or other metallic surfaces, not just BBQs.

It comes with four probes with different colors that create easiness to identify while roasting meat. Its backlight system makes it more user-friendly and easy to read the readings.

Its Pros

It is an extremely well thought out piece of equipment that has been designed by somebody that knows BBQing.

It gives the most accurate results on a digital BBQ thermometer I have seen.

It’s Cons

It’s quite tricky to set up and can be a little time-consuming to get it working from new, but it’s fairly straightforward after first use.

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer

Thermopro Product features

• 4 AAA batteries are required for a power source.
• Its dual-probe system helps you to monitor the different kinds of meat and grill, oven, or smoker’s temperature.
• Synching is not required. Its setup and interface are very easy to use. No special setup is required to start its function.
• Has programming for different varieties of meat including Ground poultry, Veal, Beef, Ground Beef, Chicken, Pork and poultry, fish, and lamb.
• Supports temperature for Celsius and Fahrenheit readings.
• Temperature and timer settings are held back automatically when the unit is turned off.
• The transmitter contains a wire to use as a stand or hooks it on the door.
• LCD backlight helps to check temperature readings in the bright sunlight or night-time.
• Comes with a rubber sleeve case, Receiver belt clip, Pull out countertop strand, and splash-proof receiver.

Thermopro description

This great product comes with dual probes that help to monitor the temperature of the smoker, oven, and grills even at a distance of 300 feet away. With this cooking partner, you can enjoy your friend’s company and cook at the same time without spending a lot of time at the BBQ to make perfect meat items.

Its stress-free setup does not require any kind of synchronization to start working. It will not irritate you to proceed through all the boring steps. Its backlight helps it to read temperature readings easily in the daylight, nights, or early starts.

This cooking-friendly BBQ digital thermometer supports countdown and count-up settings and will keep you updated about the cooking temperature with its beep and flash alerts. This beep sound indicates that the temperature is more than the pre-set temperature.

You can set up temperatures for more than 9 different kinds of meats. You can reset the pre-set temperature values of various foods according to your taste. Its stainless steel probes are specially designed for food and are built with a step-down tip to get accurate and precise temperatures. Its wires can withstand temperatures more than 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thermopros best bit

It is by far the most simple of all the digital BBQ thermometers making it the easiest to use.

Thermopros not so good bits

It has no count up or count down timer, apart from giving you an alarm once cooked so if you like a timer this doesn’t have it. It is basic, but it does what it says on the tin, if you are after something with all the bells and whistles this isn’t for you. According to other people’s reviews, it can be a little inaccurate over some time however I haven’t experienced this.

BBQskillz best pick

Inkbird’s Bluetooth thermometer is my worthy buy. It is user-friendly and a very reliable item. This BBQ digital thermometer is going to help you smoke, grill, cook and enjoy your company at the same time without worrying about the taste and temperature of your BBQ.

How to use a digital thermometer to get an accurate reading?

The digital thermometer’s probe should be sterilized by antibacterial wipes or boiling water.

Although digital thermometers give accurate temperature readings they can be tricky to use. For example, the temperature can vary if you insert the probe too far or too little in the meat, the results will be different. It should be inserted in the mid of the thickest part of the meat to get the most accurate reading.

For getting an accurate reading from the bone in joints, you need to be careful the probe does not touch the bone because it can vary the readings by getting temperature from the bone, not from the meat.

The best place to get temperature readings for poultry is the central and the thickest part that lies between the breast and thigh.


Hopefully, this article has helped you to choose the best thermometer for yourself. The above-mentioned BBQ digital thermometers are overall the best-rated thermometers and not all of them are on the market.
If you want to buy any BBQ digital thermometer for yourself elsewhere, consider the accuracy of the temperature readings.
It should be easy to use so that you do not need to spend a lot of time reading the instructions and setting them up. The next point that is to be considered before choosing the best BBQ digital thermometer is its easiness to use. Most important of all it should not be heavy on your budget. In short, the best thermometer should be user-friendly, pocket friendly, and gives accurate precise results.