Should you use foil on your grill? Answered

There are many reasons you may ask yourself should I use foil on your grill. Grilling with foil over the grates would make for a much cleaner grill but grilling with aluminum foil has its dangers that should be considered.

There are times when aluminum foil should be used and it’s not a straight no it shouldn’t be used.

Why use aluminium foil on a grill?

All BBQs gas and charcoal rely on the hot air circulating from below to cook the food, especially when smoking meats. Laying foil across the top of the grill grates defeats the object of allowing the air to circulate because it will be blocked by the foil. This is a big no! All that will happen is the foil will heat and start to act as a frying pan.

In theory for cleanliness, the foil would be the best thing and it is used regularly in charcoal grilling and smoking just not to cover the grill grates. It is not uncommon to see water pans, heat diffusers and charcoal trays wrapped in aluminum foil to aid in cleaning after.

Is aluminum foil melting a danger?

Aluminum doesn’t melt until it reaches 1220 degrees Fahrenheit (660 degrees Celsius) so there is no danger of the foil melting on a grill.

When should we use aluminium foil on a BBQ

There are some great benefits to using aluminum foil on a BBQ, containing juices from meat and vegetables being one of them. As an aid pushing through brisket and pork shoulder known as the Texas crutch is another and probably foils best use on a BBQ.

Lastly, foil works wonders at cleaning grill grates after you’ve finished a BBQ which you can read more about here.

Grilling with aluminum foil dangers

Using aluminum foil for cooking has its health risks that you should be aware of and there is lots of controversial information around. Aluminum is found in almost everything we consume in small quantities. The issue is that there are concerns that too much of this aluminum can cause health issues. This points to grilling with aluminum foil dangers being very much something that should be taken seriously.

There is something called aluminum toxicity which can cause damage to the brain, muscles, and internal organs. Aluminum toxicity happens when the foil is heated to high temperatures, the aluminum leaches onto the food contaminating it. There are a lot of studies as to how quickly and how dangerous aluminum foil actually is, which you can read about here.

Aluminum foil in smaller doses

Next time you consider smoking with the 321 methods it would be wise to consider using butcher paper to reduce the amount of aluminum used. The amount of foil we consume will have a good long-term benefit to us if there are some health concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of aluminum foil?

Butchers or peach paper is a good alternative to aluminum foil when used to wrap meat for smoking.

Aluminum foil on grill shiny side up or down?

It doesn’t matter which side goes up or down. Both sides of the aluminum foil are the same, for appearance only, one side is polished.

Final say

There isn’t much need to use aluminum foil on your grill and you should only use it for wrapping meat to place on the grill, not block the grill grates.

It would be a good idea for us to consume less aluminum especially when there are studies on the amount of aluminum we should consume. As always if someone is studying something then someone is worried about something. Limiting the amount we use and using alternatives where possible will be enough.