When does meat stop absorbing smoke?

when does meat stop absorbing smoke

It’s called a smoker right so surely there’s no such thing as too much smoke. Well, that is incorrect. Meat does stop absorbing smoke at a certain time but before we get in to when does meat stop absorbing smoke, a little explanation. When meat is in the smoker it can only absorb meat for … Read more

How long to let brisket sit before smoking? The reasons!

how long to let brisket sit before smoking

If you’re hear to understand how long to let brisket sit before smoking, you’re in the right place. To ensure you get the best from this prized cut of beef, brisket needs to be well-rested before proceeding with putting it in the smoker. By the way, this is also relevant when you cook brisket in … Read more

Can you put a grill cover on a warm grill?

can you put a grill cover on a warm bbq

You don’t need to explain to me that you want to cover your grill as soon as possible after a grill. I personally keep mine covered as soon as possible. But covering a warm grill can be dangerous as it depends on what you call warm. To be honest anytime I’ve been asked can you … Read more

BBQ Maintenance: How to clean a grill cover

how to clean a grill cover

I know why you’re here the BBQs gleaming in the sun, you go to put the cover on and it’s covered in dirt. Cleaning a grill cover is straight forward and should be part of a good BBQ maintenance schedule. So you’re here to learn the correct ways on how to clean a grill cover. … Read more

The best meat to smoke for a beginner

best meat to smoke for a beginner

I’m not going to give you a huge list of all the easy meats to smoke but explain to you what is the single best meat to smoke for a beginner and why. The reason you’ve found you way here maybe you have attempted a few different things and they didn’t quite go to plan … Read more

B&B Charcoal Review – UPDATED FOR 2023

B&B Charcoal review

In the past few years, people have started realizing the importance of using natural products for cooking. B&B Charcoal briquettes being no exception to that. Charcoal and other wood products have been commonly used these days, particularly for backyard grilling. However, it is essential to select the right charcoal as it directly affects the taste of … Read more

What is the BBQ 3-2-1 method for smoking meat?

BBQ 3-2-1 method pulled pork

The BBQ 3-2-1 method is a timekeeping and process method for smoking meats on a BBQ. It doesn’t work for all cuts of meat so don’t go thinking you can chuck on a supersize cut of brisket and cook it like this. The 3 stands for three hours smoking unwrapped. This is to get the … Read more

BBQ Smoking Wood – The Complete Guide

Choosing BBQ smoking woods

Choosing the correct BBQ smoking wood for certain meats can be a bit of a minefield. This complete guide will give you all the information you need to choose the right wood for each meat, to get the best flavor out of your BBQ. You will meet BBQ enthusiasts that are obsessive about certain woods … Read more

Use instant light BBQ charcoal bags for a speedy BBQ

Instant light BBQ charcoal bags

Instant light BBQ charcoal bags are great for a straightforward approach to starting a BBQ without needing a charcoal chimney or firelighters. They take the fuss out of getting a charcoal BBQ to the cooking stage. BBQ charcoal bags aren’t for everyone or every occasion, but most experienced BBQ pit masters will still use them … Read more

Best Charcoal Tray For Grills – A Complete Guide

Charcoal tray for grills

A charcoal tray for grills is a pitmaster’s most used tool. This complete guide will point you toward acquiring the best on the market and an in-depth guide as to why you need one or more. Charcoal trays are usually designed for a standard 22″ kettle-style BBQ, such as the Weber Master Touch. However, even … Read more

8 Tips for a successful BBQ in the winter

If you’re brave like me and not scared to get outside to light the charcoal BBQ in the winter when it’s freezing cold and raining, I’ve got a few tips you will want to read to try to make it as successful as possible. The golden rule with BBQing is to be patient no matter … Read more

What is the Texas crutch and why you should use it

Texas crutch on a BBQ

The Texas crutch is the method of tightly wrapping whatever product you are smoking, usually meat, and slow cooking in paper or tinfoil to accelerate the cooking process. The Texas crutch method of wrapping meat is not exclusive to smoking on the BBQ and is used in professional restaurants and kitchens. When smoking large chunks … Read more

Weber Master Touch compared to the Master Touch premium!

Best charcoal BBQ under 200

Weber is one, if not the most popular and qualitative brand that produces high-quality grills and other cooking devices. The Weber Master Touch is their most prominent product, instantly recognized by all keen BBQ enthusiasts. This article will thoroughly review the Weber Master Touch 22-inch charcoal grill. It will also compare to the Premium version … Read more

How to make SPG seasoning BBQ rub

Salt for SPG seasoning

SPG seasoning is one of the best BBQ rubs ever invented. Its simple nature brings alive every single type of meat you will ever put on the grill. It is the easiest BBQ rub to put together, and it only requires a couple of different ingredients that all supermarkets sell; if you don’t, you need … Read more

The best heat-resistant BBQ gloves of 2023!

Heat resistant BBQ gloves

I don’t know about you, but I hate getting burnt while cooking in the kitchen or on the grill. A top-notch pair of heat-resistant BBQ gloves is a must for every grilling household. There are some unwritten BBQ laws that no one is above! Using a set of BBQ gloves is number one, in my … Read more

Is this the best BBQ dry rub recipe ever?

BBQ dry rub

This is my tried and tested go-to BBQ dry rub recipe. I don’t think there is a cut of meat I haven’t used it on so it may well be a biased opinion but I think it’s the best BBQ dry rub recipe ever but I’ll let you decide. I tend to make most of … Read more