How to stop a BBQ from smoking so much

We’ve all been there you feel like you need a set of swimming goggles just to stand over your BBQ but before we go any further it’s not always possible to stop your BBQ from smoking. You are cooking with fire so expect smoke but if you find yourself in plumes of smoke billowing from your BBQ, follow a few of the simple steps below.

So why is my BBQ smoking so much

When cooking meat for example a burger, the fatty moisture is released from the burger and drips directly onto the charcoal below or the bowl of the BBQ. This moisture burning away is what generates most of the smoke when BBQing.

The tips to solve this problem

Extra long-handled grill tongs and not just small kitchen utensils will help keep you a few extra inches away from the BBQ.

It’s simple, try not to overcrowd the BBQ with both charcoal and food. I always like to have half my BBQ as a direct cooking area followed by the other half as an indirect cooking area with a foil tray below it. You will then be able to utilize both when cooking to minimize the amount of smoke your charcoal BBQ is creating.

The foil tray in the indirect cooking area of your BBQ will keep food warm and any dripped juices will be caught by the foil tray. Because the foil tray will be a cold surface it will not cause excess smoke(You can fill the foil tray with a small amount of water if you wish we do this sometimes when smoking).

If the smoke becomes too much from certain food in the direct cooking area you can move foods around to minimize the smoke.

More reasons for your BBQ smoking too much

Another reason that also has a big effect is the charcoal. Poor quality charcoal creates a lot of smoke, Briquettes are the main culprit.

Why does the quality of charcoal make a difference to the amount of smoke?

Every single item you purchase in life is made to a budget because there is a need for a cheaper charcoal. Charcoal manufacturers cut corners to create cheaper charcoal for this ‘budget market’.

By cutting corners not all the harmful toxins are burnt from the charcoal these toxins create smoke when you get them home and light them. In some instances more so with poor quality briquettes, the additive like the glue is of inferior quality causing smoke when lit.

I have heard of briquettes being dipped into vats of a similar white spirit solution to ensure they light before being packaged for sale.

How to find good quality charcoal

It’s the age-old stick to the brands you know. The cheap charcoal that you see at big supermarkets will be the inferior quality I’ve been talking about. Not all of them but most of them.

Brands such as Weber or Big K are huge in the BBQ industry, these guys supply the best quality charcoal. It doesn’t mean to say that these are always more expensive, in the long run, they will be cheaper.