The best heat-resistant BBQ gloves of 2023!

I don’t know about you, but I hate getting burnt while cooking in the kitchen or on the grill. A top-notch pair of heat-resistant BBQ gloves is a must for every grilling household.

There are some unwritten BBQ laws that no one is above! Using a set of BBQ gloves is number one, in my opinion. This should be the purchase before the charcoal or gas barbecue because you can’t be tempted to grill without them.

I’ve spent a lot of time using all different manner of BBQ gloves made from various materials; I’ve chosen to review the below heat-resistant BBQ gloves based on them protecting you. The gloves below aren’t necessarily the best BBQ gloves for handling meat or preventing you cutting yourself with sharp knives, if that’s what you’re here looking for.

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My picks if you don’t want to read anymore

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Rapicca BBQ Grill Gloves

Rapicca BBQ Gloves Features

To start with the Rapicca BBQ grill gloves are heat resistant up to 932°F(500°C)! To be honest I don’t think you will ever take a BBQ to those temperatures, but over and above and all that. They are also flameproof so handling anything directly over a BBQ flame will not be an issue.

They are constructed of food-grade water-proof neoprene rubber which means you will be able to handle hot food with these as well. The water-proof neoprene coating means your hands will be safe putting them into boiling water or oil while wearing them.

The inside is lined with a double layer Kevlar sweat-absorbed cotton liner which will keep your hands comfortable, dry and cool while holding your hands directly overheat.

The Sleeve is 14 inches in length, which will keep an average-sized person’s forearms protected almost to the elbow.

Easy handling of hot cast iron when cooking with these will not be an issue due to how heavy duty they are against melting however Rapicca recommends only doing this for around 15 seconds.

They are very easy to clean, you just need to run them under a hot tap with soap and then leave them to dry.


Everything seriously! In all honesty, these are BBQ gloves that don’t have pros and cons, just pros. Overall, the best thing about these heat-resistant BBQ gloves is they aren’t just suitable for a casual pitmaster, these are fully-fledged commercial-grade heatproof gloves. You can use these in your kitchen handling hot trays and food in the oven too.


They can’t do the cooking for you, seriously there is none!

Comsmart BBQ Gloves Review

Comsmart BBQ Glove Features

Comsmart BBQ Gloves have been updated to provide heat resistance up to 1472°F(800°C)! More than adequate for a typical BBQ or smoker.

The gloves are constructed of 3 different materials. The first is a non-slip silicone pattern on both sides of the gloves. The second is an aramid fiber for the high heat, cut, acid, and alkali resistance on the outside. Lastly, the inner liner is made of polyester cotton to provide comfort and added protection.

The wrist guard is 5.7 inches in length, enough to protect your hands and forearms from high heat. A 4.7 inch stretch fit wide cuff is wide enough for the largest hands.

They are machine washable with a hook inside to hang them dry or store them.

They have a multi-purpose use and are not just suited for BBQing, pot-handling, baking, grill handling, hot trays, or anything straight from the oven.

At 1472°F(800°C), protection time will be 5 -7 seconds; just for scale at 482°F(250°C) protection time is 20 – 22 seconds.


Adequately suited to BBQing, they worked better to handle cast iron pans than others. You can briefly pick up hot charcoal if you need to move it quickly (great if you drop a piece on the floor from a charcoal chimney).


I wouldn’t say it’s one of the cons, but note that these are heat-resistant gloves, not heatproof, so if you’re handling extreme heat for prolonged periods, you will start to feel it.

Weber Silicone Grilling Gloves

Weber Silicone Grilling Glove Features

Purpose-built smoker/BBQ gloves, the Weber Silicone Grilling Gloves offer heat resistance up to 400° F(204° C), which is fine for a typical BBQ.

Constructed of food-grade FDA-compliant silicone, handling meat directly on and off a BBQ will be no problem. The pattern on the gloves provides a nonslip surface when taking hot food off the grill.

A hanging hole is at the bottom of each glove for easy storage or drying after cleaning. To clean only requires hot soapy water.

Overall dimensions 10.24 x 7.29 x 0.79 inches.


An excellent BBQ glove for moving food around on the grill without trying to use tongs. If you are smoking a large piece of meat like a brisket or pork butt, you can pick it up without burning your hands or trying to hold it with BBQ tongs.


Two minor issues are the only thing that let these gloves down a little bit. Firstly, they only come in one size, my partner has small hands, and when she tried them on, she struggled to keep them on. Secondly, the gloves’ overall length could be an inch or two longer to give more protection to the forearm, especially if you have large hands that fill the glove.

Char-Broil Leather Grilling Gloves

Char-broil Leather Glove Features

Constructed of high-quality leather with a fabric lining Char-Broil Leather BBQ Gloves will keep your hands safe up to 260° F(127° C).

The leather is designed to ease users’ grip on hot BBQ accessories, grill grates, and BBQ lids.

Dimensions 13.78 x 7.09 x 0.98 inches, plenty of leather material to protect your forearms.


They look fantastic and seriously cool. They are also great at holding all the specific things you want to keep when having a casual grill, like BBQ tongs and a charcoal chimney, without burning your hands.


As with most BBQ leather gloves, the heat-resistant temperature is relatively low, so not so suited to BBQ enthusiast that is entirely hands-on and wants to touch everything.

Are BBQ gloves worth it?

As I mentioned at the beginning, BBQ gloves are a must for every keen grill master. Most BBQ gloves are suited to indoor and outdoor cooking and initiallydon’t cost the earth.

Are they fireproof aswell?

There is some added protection from fire to all of the BBQ gloves above, but they aren’t all specifically designed to be flameproof. So if this is what you’re looking for, choose the Rapicca BBQ grill gloves.

Do BBQ gloves work?

OF COURSE, THEY DO! Purpose-built by BBQ brands, they all have their level of protection, and for the most part, this is enough to keep your hands safe. Unless you are cranking the temperature on your BBQ, all of the gloves in this post have adequate heat resistance.

What gloves do professional BBQ pitmasters use?

All the gloves I’ve chosen on this page are commercial-grade BBQ gloves used by pitmasters. I went to a BBQ competition not too long ago and saw a few different pitmasters wearing Weber BBQ Gloves.

Are leather gloves good for BBQ?

No, your typical leather gloves to keep your hands warm aren’t, but dedicated leather BBQ gloves are up there with the best heat-resistant BBQ gloves on the market. The downside to leather gloves is they are some of the most expensive! Protection isn’t cheap!


Any BBQ gloves in this post are more than suitable for a keen BBQ enthusiast or professional pitmaster. Most BBQ pros use more than one pair of BBQ gloves for different jobs. One for handling hot food and one for taking hot accessories over the grill. It’s unnecessary to purchase two different sets, but please be careful when handling raw meat with gloves; nobody wants food poisoning!