BBQ Smoking Wood – The Complete Guide

Choosing BBQ smoking woods

Choosing the correct BBQ smoking wood for certain meats can be a bit of a minefield. This complete guide will give you all the information you need to choose the right wood for each meat, to get the best flavor out of your BBQ. You will meet BBQ enthusiasts that are obsessive about certain woods … Read more

Use instant light BBQ charcoal bags for a speedy BBQ

Instant light BBQ charcoal bags

Instant light BBQ charcoal bags are great for a straightforward approach to starting a BBQ without needing a charcoal chimney or firelighters. They take the fuss out of getting a charcoal BBQ to the cooking stage. BBQ charcoal bags aren’t for everyone or every occasion, but most experienced BBQ pit masters will still use them … Read more

Best Charcoal Tray For Grills – A Complete Guide

Charcoal tray for grills

A charcoal tray for grills is a pitmaster’s most used tool. This complete guide will point you toward acquiring the best on the market and an in-depth guide as to why you need one or more. Charcoal trays are usually designed for a standard 22″ kettle-style BBQ, such as the Weber Master Touch. However, even … Read more

8 Tips for a successful BBQ in the winter

If you’re brave like me and not scared to get outside to light the charcoal BBQ in the winter when it’s freezing cold and raining, I’ve got a few tips you will want to read to try to make it as successful as possible. The golden rule with BBQing is to be patient no matter … Read more

What is the Texas crutch and why you should use it

Texas crutch on a BBQ

The Texas crutch is the method of tightly wrapping whatever product you are smoking, usually meat, and slow cooking in paper or tinfoil to accelerate the cooking process. The Texas crutch method of wrapping meat is not exclusive to smoking on the BBQ and is used in professional restaurants and kitchens. When smoking large chunks … Read more

Weber Master Touch compared to the Master Touch premium!

Best charcoal BBQ under 200

Weber is one, if not the most popular and qualitative brand that produces high-quality grills and other cooking devices. The Weber Master Touch is their most prominent product, instantly recognized by all keen BBQ enthusiasts. This article will thoroughly review the Weber Master Touch 22-inch charcoal grill. It will also compare to the Premium version … Read more

The best heat-resistant BBQ gloves of 2023!

Heat resistant BBQ gloves

I don’t know about you, but I hate getting burnt while cooking in the kitchen or on the grill. A top-notch pair of heat-resistant BBQ gloves is a must for every grilling household. There are some unwritten BBQ laws that no one is above! Using a set of BBQ gloves is number one, in my … Read more

How to clean the grill grate without a brush

How to clean the grill grate without a brush

Just before we get stuck into how to clean the grill grate without a brush I should probably tell you why we don’t use a brush. Most BBQ brands supply grill brushes to clean a grill grate however I don’t think you will find a BBQ enthusiast that recommends cleaning it with said brushes. Why … Read more

How to BBQ! The complete guide!

How to BBQ right

You may have seen a vast range of different grilling methods, ways to arrange the charcoal, and different lighting techniques, and when you’re completely new to grilling this can all be a little overwhelming. This section of how to BBQ will provide you with all the vital information to get you to the pitmaster level … Read more

The Two Main Grilling Methods Explained

Direct Grilling

The two main grilling methods utilized on a BBQ are indirect and direct, both are pretty self-explanatory however there are different times and ways of using both. More often than not you’ll use both at the same time when approaching BBQing more seriously. The quality of the finished food will also be a lot better … Read more

How to stop a BBQ from smoking so much

Weber BBQ Temperature Gauge

We’ve all been there you feel like you need a set of swimming goggles just to stand over your BBQ but before we go any further it’s not always possible to stop your BBQ from smoking. You are cooking with fire so expect smoke but if you find yourself in plumes of smoke billowing from … Read more

How to light a charcoal BBQ with firelighters

how to light a charcoal BBQ with firelighters

Now you may not own a charcoal chimney starter so will be lighting your charcoal the good old-fashioned way. So onto how to light a charcoal BBQ with firelighters when not using a charcoal chimney The easiest way to light a charcoal BBQ with firelighters is to place a couple of firelighters together on the … Read more