How To Clean BBQ Gloves!

how to clean bbq gloves

BBQ gloves should be cleaned frequently because they are often in contact with dirt, bacteria, and food. When using a BBQ grill, gloves can help shield you against burns, wounds, and even foodborne illnesses. Cleaning your barbecue gloves will help them last longer and protect your hands from harmful bacteria and germs. It’s critical to … Read more

Do you flip meat when smoking? To flip or not to flip!

do you flip meat when smoking

Knowing whether you flip meat when smoking is an essential part of smoking. We are always taught less interference, the better when grilling meat but is that the same when smoking meat? Whether you should flip or rotate depends on the food and the scenario. We’ve put together this short guide to help you judge … Read more

Does charcoal go bad?

does charcoal go bad

You’ve gone to get the charcoal out of the shed and it’s been stored for over 6 months or even as long as a year, sound familiar? It’s wise to check if charcoal does expire before you use it. Then all the questions follow does charcoal go bad? Can charcoal go bad? With this guide, … Read more

Should you use foil on your grill? Answered

should you use foil on a grill

You may ask yourself if you should use foil on your grill. Grilling with foil over the grates would make for a much cleaner grill, but it has its dangers that should be considered. There are times when aluminum foil should be used, so don’t panic, it’s not a straight no. Why use aluminium foil … Read more

Grilling temperatures: what is low, medium and high?

grilling temperatures

Following a recipe that says you should grill at medium heat but what is medium heat on a grill? Well, we think the temperatures below answer exactly that. These temperatures are a matter of opinion as to what is low, medium, and high. One grill master will say one thing another completely different. These temperatures … Read more

BBQ Pork – Can pork be a little pink?

Grilling pork fillet

You’ve grilled a nice pork chop or a peice of pork fillet cut into it and it’s a little bit pink in the centre, can pork be a little pink? The short answer is yes pork can be a little pink, but you should be a little careful not to confuse a little bit pink … Read more

Is oven more efficient than BBQ?

Is BBQ more efficient than oven?

Efficiency means several different things: cost, fuel efficiency, heat retention, etc. Comparing a charcoal BBQ to answer is oven more efficient than a BBQ maybe not be what you were thinking. However, in today’s, current economic climate comparing a gas BBQ and oven cooking is a little irrelevant. The cost of gas for both is … Read more

When does meat stop absorbing smoke?

when does meat stop absorbing smoke

It’s called a smoker right so surely there’s no such thing as too much smoke. Well, that is incorrect. Meat does stop absorbing smoke at a certain time but before we get in to when does meat stop absorbing smoke, a little explanation. When meat is in the smoker it can only absorb meat for … Read more

Can you put a grill cover on a warm grill?

can you put a grill cover on a warm bbq

You don’t need to explain to me that you want to cover your grill as soon as possible after a grill. I personally keep mine covered as soon as possible. But covering a warm grill can be dangerous as it depends on what you call warm. To be honest anytime I’ve been asked can you … Read more

BBQ Maintenance: How to clean a grill cover

how to clean a grill cover

I know why you’re here the BBQs gleaming in the sun, you go to put the cover on and it’s covered in dirt. Cleaning a grill cover is straight forward and should be part of a good BBQ maintenance schedule. So you’re here to learn the correct ways on how to clean a grill cover. … Read more

The best meat to smoke for a beginner

best meat to smoke for a beginner

I’m not going to give you a huge list of all the easy meats to smoke but explain to you what is the single best meat to smoke for a beginner and why. The reason you’ve found you way here maybe you have attempted a few different things and they didn’t quite go to plan … Read more

B&B Charcoal Review – UPDATED FOR 2023

B&B Charcoal review

In the past few years, people have started realizing the importance of using natural products for cooking. B&B Charcoal briquettes being no exception to that. Charcoal and other wood products have been commonly used these days, particularly for backyard grilling. However, it is essential to select the right charcoal as it directly affects the taste of … Read more

What is the BBQ 3-2-1 method for smoking meat?

BBQ 3-2-1 method pulled pork

The BBQ 3-2-1 method is a timekeeping and process method for smoking meats on a BBQ. It doesn’t work for all cuts of meat so don’t go thinking you can chuck on a supersize cut of brisket and cook it like this. The 3 stands for three hours smoking unwrapped. This is to get the … Read more