Can you put a grill cover on a warm grill?

You don’t need to explain to me that you want to cover your grill as soon as possible after a grill. I personally keep mine covered as soon as possible. But covering a warm grill can be dangerous as it depends on what you call warm.

To be honest anytime I’ve been asked can you put a grill cover on a warm grill, I’ve always said no. If you call a warm grill lets say 77 degrees Fahrenheit(25 degrees Celsius) we are talking a nice summers day, yeah ok it’s not completely safe to cover there are still risks see below but it can be done.

To be clear you take those risks on yourself but let me explain them to you.

This is one of the few times I will refer to a gas BBQ. When you turn a gas grill off providing you have no heat beads and no naked flames or anything to produce more heat the grill is off. Immediately it may be hot but will start to cool fairly quickly, especially with the lid open. Although the grill may take a while to cool sufficiently to cover it, it’s certainly a tad bit safer to cover while warm than a charcoal grill. Again, this depends on what you call warm and you need to use a fair amount of common sense. Again these risks are on you.

A warm charcoal BBQ has lit charcoal, although it’s cooling, charcoal can reignite very easily with a good bit of air to it. It could reignite to temperatures you cook on meaning it is no longer a “warm grill” but a hot grill.

Can you cover a grill while it’s still hot?

This is a big NO you cannot put your grill cover on while it’s still hot for several reasons. A hot BBQ could be well more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius). Just for context water boils at 202 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius). So this is hot!

The grill cover could potentially melt and cause injury just from the heat of the BBQ. A BBQ is designed to retain as much heat as possible in the cooking area, so naturally, they take a long time to cool down. Placing a cover over it while it is still hot is very dangerous, the cover may not melt straight away but with the continuous heat from the BBQ, it’s only a matter of time before it does.

Any lit charcoal embers remaining in the grill could come into contact with the grill cover and cause it to catch fire. Covering a hot grill is just a big NO!

Are grill covers heat proof or flame proof?

There are specifically designed heat-resistant grill covers, these do come at a very high price. 99% of the grill covers on the market are NOT manufactured out of the heat or flameproof materials. Grill covers aren’t designed with this feature in mind they are designed to protect the grill from the elements.

As most grill covers are designed for weatherproofing as a priority, nobody wants water on their grill leading to a rusty grill later on down the line. You also don’t want UV rays discoloring your nice expensive grill. Those are normally the foremost features of a good quality grill cover. We want weatherproofing!

Some grill covers have a small degree of heatproofing. This does not apply to apply all grill covers even some of the most expensive. Certain materials have a better heat resistance than others or heat resistant chemicals are applied to the material but you will need to check with your manufacturer of yours first before assuming this.

Can a grill cover catch fire?

Yes, they definitely can. Standard grill covers that you will see readily available are constructed from Canvas, Vinyl and Polyester these are not flameproof materials. If exposed to high heat or naked flame they will catch fire and cause a lot of damage when they do.


How long to let a grill cool before covering?

If you have a high heat resistant grill cover you may not need to wait very long to cool before covering. Once all the vents are correctly shut and most of the heat has dispersed from the BBQ you could cover say about an hour or so. Obviously, the longer the better. Instructions or a guide with the cover would give you the exact information.

All other weather-resistant grill covers without any heat resistance require your grill to be fully cooled. To be absolutely certain if it’s possible wait 24 hours before covering. However, weather permitting you may want to cover your grill sooner and most BBQs can be cold and all charcoal extinguished after around 4-5ish hours. This is providing the BBQ is shut down or turned off correctly. I would recommend waiting as long as possible or until is cold to touch.


In summary, can you put a grill cover on a warm grill, the answer is still no. Just by waiting a few more hours for your grill to cool sufficiently before covering you will avert a dangerous situation. Please be patient!