How Long to Let Chicken Rest After Grilling

how long to let chicken rest after grilling

Summertime is a popular time for grilling, and when done right, it can produce delicious cuisine. For the finest flavor and suppleness, the chicken must rest for a sufficient amount of time after grilling. Allowing the chicken to rest after grilling will maintain the juices in the meat. If the chicken is chopped into slices … Read more

How To Clean BBQ Gloves!

how to clean bbq gloves

BBQ gloves should be cleaned frequently because they are often in contact with dirt, bacteria, and food. When using a BBQ grill, gloves can help shield you against burns, wounds, and even foodborne illnesses. Cleaning your barbecue gloves will help them last longer and protect your hands from harmful bacteria and germs. It’s critical to … Read more

Do you flip meat when smoking? To flip or not to flip!

do you flip meat when smoking

Knowing whether you flip meat when smoking is an essential part of smoking. We are always taught less interference, the better when grilling meat but is that the same when smoking meat? Whether you should flip or rotate depends on the food and the scenario. We’ve put together this short guide to help you judge … Read more

Why mustard is the best binder for brisket?

using mustard as a binderr

Brisket is the holy grail of smoked BBQ meat and many pitmasters spend years perfecting their recipes. Some choose to use a binder, and some don’t. Using mustard as a binder is a gold standard as far as binders go, but is it really the best binder for brisket? Well, yes it is! Maybe that’s … Read more

Does charcoal go bad?

does charcoal go bad

You’ve gone to get the charcoal out of the shed and it’s been stored for over 6 months or even as long as a year, sound familiar? It’s wise to check if charcoal does expire before you use it. Then all the questions follow does charcoal go bad? Can charcoal go bad? With this guide, … Read more

Should you use foil on your grill? Answered

should you use foil on a grill

You may ask yourself if you should use foil on your grill. Grilling with foil over the grates would make for a much cleaner grill, but it has its dangers that should be considered. There are times when aluminum foil should be used, so don’t panic, it’s not a straight no. Why use aluminium foil … Read more

Grilling temperatures: what is low, medium and high?

grilling temperatures

Following a recipe that says you should grill at medium heat but what is medium heat on a grill? Well, we think the temperatures below answer exactly that. These temperatures are a matter of opinion as to what is low, medium, and high. One grill master will say one thing another completely different. These temperatures … Read more

Should you pat steak dry before grilling?

should you pat steak dry before grilling

There’s so much conflicting information on what to do with a steak those final moments before it hits the grill. Should you pat steak before grilling being one of them, when should you season a steak being another, sound familiar? Well you’re not alone. I found an answer that looks right on a forum and … Read more

Can you BBQ frozen sausages?

can you BBQ frozen sausages

So you forgot to take the sausages out of the freezer to slap on the BBQ, Can you BBQ frozen sausages? Do you need to wait for them to thaw and what’s the fastest method to defrost sausages? All of these questions will be answered in this simple guide. First, can you BBQ frozen sausages? … Read more

BBQ Pork – Can pork be a little pink?

Grilling pork fillet

You’ve grilled a nice pork chop or a peice of pork fillet cut into it and it’s a little bit pink in the centre, can pork be a little pink? The short answer is yes pork can be a little pink, but you should be a little careful not to confuse a little bit pink … Read more

How long to let ribs rest? Tips to get the best from ribs!

baby back ribs resting

Ribs are exactly like every other meat and require resting, Why should you rest ribs and how long to let ribs rest for are the questions covered below. We’ve added some extra tips to help you get the best out of this simple-to-smoke meat. A rack of ribs is one of the many delights served … Read more

When should you inject pork shoulder? – Maximum flavor guide!

inject pork shoulder night before

Once you’ve got the hang of smoking pork shoulder or pork butt, playing around with the flavors is the next step. In this guide, we will cover a few questions: should you inject pork shoulder the night before? What flavors work best, and how much to inject into pork shoulder? If you search the internet, … Read more

The best way to keep steak warm after grilling

After paying so much attention to grilling your steak to that perfect temperature, the last thing you want is to eat a cold steak while waiting for your sides to cook. Discovering the best way to keep steak warm is a trial and error process and what works for us may not work for you … Read more

Is oven more efficient than BBQ?

Is BBQ more efficient than oven?

Efficiency means several different things: cost, fuel efficiency, heat retention, etc. Comparing a charcoal BBQ to answer is oven more efficient than a BBQ maybe not be what you were thinking. However, in today’s, current economic climate comparing a gas BBQ and oven cooking is a little irrelevant. The cost of gas for both is … Read more